Thursday, May 3, 2007

Third Self-Portrait

This is in response to some of the behaviors that I had to deal with in class on Wednesday, but first I must say this, after many trials and tribulations the Delta Yearbook files have been sent away! So thats one huge weight off of my shoulders.

So one of the interesting things that I've come across in the last few days is a new realization about small schools. They allow for more personal relationships to build between teachers and adults, and that's great--but--they also make students slightly more disrespectful--now bear with me.

Many of my students feel comfortable at school, sometimes more comfortable than they might feel at home, and because of this comfort--some of their personal issues start to leak out. They feel like its ok to yell at their teachers because they yell at their parents, they feel like they have less impeding them from doing arguing about a lesson or work that is assigned.

Its an interesting thing, becuause when I compare the students this year to the students last year, their level of disrespect is mind-boggling, but my students last year were somewhat afraid of me, these students are not.

Its funny what happens in a public school classroom, students become a desk, or a number, and as a teacher its easy to look past them, while that seems terrible, some students revel in it. It allows them to hide in their little personal box, and not let too much out. There is a general fear, which could be argued, is not respect, but it creates a teaching environment that is somewhat easier to deal with.

I am sick of kids combating me, questioning me and debating me, and its hard to be, like my principal says, a teflon pan, one which allows things to slide off unaffected. I am human, and i take things personally, and I have some strong opinions that I am not willing to sacrafice to some of my more close-minded students.

I know,I know, Its not about me, its about them

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