Friday, May 4, 2007

Response to a response

I don't know the correct way to do this in blog-land, but I am attempting to respond to the comment that was left about my hip-hop and race related dialogue.
I realize that running the blog kind of gives me the upper hand--but maybe that will help my case.


I appreciate your opinion, and I see some of the merits in it, but I still kind of disagree. I understand that we cannot outlaw words, and that they will continue to exist whether we accept them or not, but...

Why must we allow hatred to continue and repress anyone? If we are enlightened and "educated" individuals, then why don't we leave those hateful terms to rot with those who can't let go of them.

Stay with me. You used the example of being with a group of homosexual friends and using those words as humorous terms of endearment. That's great and fine and you have every right to do that...but... what if my student who uses the word "fag" every day for everything from a way to describe something he doesn't like to calling the one openly gay student at school that name. What if he hears you and your friends and thinks..huh well its OK if adults use it. Or he may even be more observant and say, "well they are a group of educated gay women and they use it, so why can't I?"

I just see it as a slippery slope. I understand your argument, but I think it just continues to be a hate-filled term, and until homosexual individuals are in the non-opressed majority and not discriminated against in any way shape or form-- then it is not OK and that word should die with the n word and b--tch and all of the other words that promote hatred

If these words offend anyone then they shouldnt be used.
I am offended when I hear those words and I don't care who says them.

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  1. Daren,

    Your posts are so interesting. I'd love to talk to you sometime about your experiences teaching. I worked for a non-profit organization and a research institute that were both part of this alliance of folks trying to improve education. They were really into the small schools movement that seems to be sweeping CA. Anyway, your blog made me think and I was wondering, what would help the situation? Do the teachers have enough support? Are there mentors and training for dealing with the situations you are describing? Would that help? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. :)