Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Politics your way-- si se puede cambiar

I just ran across these two videos about my man. I thought I would share them. I find them inspiring in their diversity. I realize that songs are somewhat unfair forms of sharing political opinion, but I also think that there is nobetter way then to use art to make a difference. I have a feeling this won't be the last Obama post.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

A poet's lament

In listening to Adam Duritz and the Counting Crows new release, Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, I have to admit that I wasn't initially impressed; even though I have a deep-seeded love for the crows, I have come to resent their commercial success-their seeming lack of humility to produce a Coca-cola commercial or a Shrek soundtrack. Although in deeper listening, I am reminded of Adam's incredible ability to write lyrics of euphoric beauty or ironic metaphor and insightful emptiness:
And I believe she loves you
Cause you never make her feel like anything

If his lyrics are as autobiographical as they seem, then Adam must have been in and out of hundreds of relationships, but at least they have created musings for depth in his music. His songs often connect to a continuing story or character or even a muse (Elizabeth, girl on a wire) and for me the truest and deepest connection comes from my personal past. I remember the snippets of beauty and how they exhaled through me as a young adult in middle and high school. I feel as if I have grown up with the crows and for that reason I cant let them go.

And so as an ardent crows fan, my opinion wont really be unbiased, but whose opinion is? The crows have a depth and self-absorbed beauty that not many other modern bands will ever be able to touch through lyrics. I think their new album Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, sings of truth and melodic beauty, and its probably the strongest album they have released in years.

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