Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Empathy for a teacher

My sister just told me that High school kids don't have empathy, and the reason they don't have it is because their teachers don't read to them. I don't see the exact connection but maybe I need to start reading to my kids, because many of them seem to lack empathy, both for teachers and for other people living in this world.

I am working on this debate project in class and I want student to get as much work done in class as possible, so I give them a lot of time. The biggest problem with this, is they dont use the time. I try to structure it as much as possible to support their progress, but it still usually turns into social hour, and I've kindof given up on being the authoritarian teacher who allows no talking during work time.

About the empathy thing, its teacher apreciation week and I feel gravely underapreciated by my students. They are rude, inconsiderate and loud. I want to teach them some things about courtesy and ettiquite, but there seems to be wery little that gets through to them. I also find that when I talk, they don't listen, when they do, then they learn... a little bit.

Other heavy thing on my mind:

A student will most likely be expelled for threatening another student. I heard him do it, so of course all of the students now think that I expelled him.

I want my studetns to succeed, and I want to support students who have a lot of difficulty in school or at home, but sometimes students go to far, and they lose the chance to grow and learn. This student did it, and it's disheartening, but he did it, and he needs to learn from consequences.

Wow I sound like a dictator. I hope this teaching thing doesnt turn me into a cold-hearted cynic.

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  1. Well, I didn't get a chance to reply to your post to me...because you're an idiot. But I'll reply to this one and just say that I have a PhD in At-risk Students and you obviously didn't pass sixth grade math.

  2. Your tomfoolery makes no sense at all. There's a reason your cat hates you.

  3. Well, apparently your car hates you. Sounds like it doesn't even want to start properly for you.