Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunrays and Mondays

The Gardener's life for me. Ive been trying to grow some seedlings in my window so that I can plant them in my outdoor garden--but yesterday, I transplanted two squash plants to the out-of-doors and they seem to be having separation anxiety. They were growing great inside and now they are struggling to survive. Well Here is my indoor garden.

I'm Feeling a bit of that Burn-out feeling this week about teaching. Summer fever is setting in, and school seems to be loosing importance both for me and for my students. But regardless of my energy, we're doing debates. I am a little bit aprehensive about how it will go. I am trying to create a lot of structure so there aren't any fights or chairs thrown (there were some last year), but I'm worried that I might create too much structure and kill the momentum of the debate. I am adapting the Lincoln- Douglas Model. Ill see what happens.

Currently listening to: Lucinda Williams "Everything Has Changed"

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