Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Search

Here I am, back in Portland and this time its for real.  Meghan and I have decided to move here and we are looking for housing.  In about two and a half weeks we will really be moving here. 

Over the last few weeks I was surprised at the kinds of reactions that I received from friends.  Many of them have been completely supportive of the transition, but they are also sad to see us leave.  Then there are some who cant figure out why we are leaving.  Its in times like these that I realize that we all do have an immense impact on each others lives, and that by leaving some of our friends and families lives will be impacted.  Its good to know that there are people out there who care so much about us.

I have many explanations as to why we are leaving, but there are some very obvious ones.  We are still in our youth, and along with the things that are making California harder to live in ( see below), we want to take life by its reigns and live it to its absolute fullest.  

I read this article a few weeks and I thought it to be very interesting, it doesn't explain our situation specifically, but it name a number of very interesting perspectives on leaving.

Dear California, I'm dumping you

I’m not dumping California, I’m just moving to a place that is supportive of living the way I do, a place that has jobs, a place that has youth, and a place that has cheaper rent. 

I have a list of things that I may or may not share.  I must say that we are very excited about moving to anew city and making it a new home.  The challenges will of course present themselves but the rewards will also make their way through.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Public Option (double political entry day) sent me this video and it tugged a few heart strings with  me. 

Its called “We cant afford to wait”  and its a collaboration between REM and Moveon.  I of course am highly influenced by music, so this really brought the current issue to the forefront for me.  But I am also a newly uninsured American with my unemployment lurking over me. 

As much as people believe that health care will be ruined if it is made public, and that it will cost everyone else more money in taxes, I believe that it will have its challenges, but the reality will be less b.s., and more accessible care.  The current system is out of control, and I hope it changes, for the people in this video, and for my family an friends who cant afford health care…me included.

Lets work together to support this change.

Educational Propaganda

With all of the Uproar around Obama’s speech.  I was hoping for a little bit more edge on his topics.  I thought he might quote Karl Marx or raise his fist in solidarity with the Black Panthers,  but to no avail.  He was appropriate, straightforward and had some basic unbiased points for all students.



I even think that some of his points veered away from what conservatives were hoping he would say.   He re-iterated the American “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”  ideal, which to me, is a bit of a farce, but so be it, watch and think for yourself, write what you think in comments.