Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Is it wrong to post twice on the same day? Well who cares.

Today is Earth Day, and I'm hoping to reduce my impact on the environment, the problem is, I have become less conscious of my Carbon Footprint, its very difficult in this consumer society we live in. I am constantly finding the need to drive somewhere, even if it is in the name of appreciating nature.
Although, yesterday, I basically rebuilt a wheel on my bike at the Santa Cruz Bike Church and I plan to begin working on my bike commute again to move away from car usage.

I was hoping for more going on in Santa Cruz based around Earth Day, It seems like there were more festivities around Friday's 420 holiday. As long as it dosnt rain too much I will spend the majority of the day outdoors.

If you haven't noticed, I am playing with hyper links today, hope you find them informational.

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  1. i like this picture. you're a goofball. it's no dancing in the mud though.