Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Like Honey

This is my first attempt at Blogging. I thought it would be a good venue for me to write about my thoughts and get myself writing again. I also thought it would be great to write about my first year teaching and start a mini-community of other first-year teachers.
There are a few problems with that though. First, i seem to have no time at all to do anything except plan for class, grade papers, spend time with my partner, and sleep. So we will see if I am able to keep this blog Active. I am also afraid I am spending too much time in front of this darn computer already.
Well today I met with one of my students who got in my face the day before spring break and cussed me out. It was a strange meeting in which I feel almost no resolution. I am glad that my administration supports my safety, but I don't feel as if the student has learned that his behavior is not ok.


  1. That same student came to school completely stoned today, that must be his way of dealing with me. Too bad

  2. You juat commented on your own blog. That's like writing on your own myspace:( ha. No, I like this blog thing. I feel like the stoned thing might not be towards you. Like the "don't take things personally." Don't worry.