Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Legacy

I went to a funeral for a former student from Delta Charter today. I was preparing for the worst, but it was a strangely joyous occasion.

The family had us all hold hands and introduce ourselves to the people around us, and then share our stories of this student. They then asked that instead of giving flowers, we make a pact to do something positive and or kind for someone else in our lives, and to remember Michael when we do it. It seemed like a really peaceful and regenerative way of sharing this young man's spirit with our own personal lives.

What really was nice for me was to be surrounded by my old Delta community of teachers and students running up and hugging me and saying that they missed me. I met with one of my old advisees, his girlfriend, and through teary eyes, she thanked me for coming.

Its just amazing to see how a tragedy can bring people together. For me, it made me realize the power of the school community that I was in.

My dad said that teachers leave a legacy, without even knowing it. And I agree, I was amazed to see these students slowing growing up, giving speeches about their friend and doing good things for themselves.

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