Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Century club

Last Weekend, I became a member of the "century club!" and if you think I'm talking about the one that includes drinking 100 shots of beer, you are mistaken. I rode my bike 100 miles in the blistering heat just to say that I had done it! I've ridden long distances over time, but never that far in one day.

A teaching colleague of mine has made it a life goal of hers to complete a century ride. She decided to coerce me into doing it with her, so I thought, why not? So we both signed up.

If you heard the whole story you might have thought I made a mistake by signing up for it or that I was going into it completely blind. Not the case!

I actually knew that it would be in the 90s to 100s where we were riding (Anderson, CA) I also knew that the climbing would add to approximately 7000 feet. And I was still into it. I may have set myself up for failure, but fail I did not!

I rode my ass off (literally) and it was kind of fun. There were little old rotary club ladies showering me with strawberries, misters, and applause as I completed each stage. I had to abandon my friend Cindy about half way through because the heat and the hills were killing her.

I finished around 5 and was told that my eyes looked like they were sunken into my head (look at the picture above) and I was bordering slight dehydration, but it was nothing a little spaghetti and 7up couldn't fix. the first time I tried to stand up my muscles contracted and told me I would have to lay down on the grass a little longer.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job, and I was proud of myself. Maybe this is the start of a new riding career. Who knows? LOOK OUT LANCE!!!!

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  1. Rock on D, congrats on the 100 mile ride. After riding that far, you deserve a beer or two.