Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tulip Petals

I was inspired by my friend Matt's blog for this post. I havent had a complete enough thought for an entire entry so I thought I would share some tidbits of my thoughts.

Even though Meghan hates the song, "The Book of Love" I think it is one of the most absolutely beautiful love songs ever written. Its recorded by The Magnetic Fields
Its simplicity and strangeness speaks to love like nothing else I've ever heard.

I love writing. I have been using the Freedom Writer's diary as a model for writing in my Advanced English class, and its bringing out so many incredible stories from all of the students, and interestingly it is also bringing out some great stories from me. I always write with the students to model what its like to write. There are a thousand stories that we carry with us and never really reflect upon.

This student walked in today and told me I get that book we're reading. I asked him what he meant. We are reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. He said, I know what poverty is. It sucks. Ive lived in a hotel room with 6 siblings. Ive had parents who are drug addicts, but love me more than anything. I told him thanks.

I started a garden. I don't know how it will do, but is such a peaceful thing to do with my time. I love watering seedlings and picking weeds. That may change as the growing season progresses.

I remember what my Grandfathers flannel shirt used to smell like. It was a mix of cigarette smoke and mountain. I often smell it on the breeze and think he might be checking in.

I don't tell people I love them enough.

Some of my students just got in trouble for something that I cant mention here. It doesn't scare me. It makes me want to care for them more, I feel sad that that's all they have. If they had a choice I don't think they would have chosen to be involved in it.

Gangs are unfortunately, a form of family.

The pictures here are some shots I took at home and in San Francisco.

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