Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Struggle leads to Grace

Songs for these times.
I heard a couple songs about these times we're living in, and this one seemed to be the most perceptive and realistic. The song talks about not being able to pay the bills, but realizing that beauty lies in terrible times. I think there is a strange almost fatal optimism that is abound with Obama's inauguration, but it feels so good---and she's right, struggle does lead to grace.

struggle leads to grace Rachel Griffin

Even in the most most horrific times, the most disparaging things that we have to overcome can and often do lead us to grace. Sometimes we don't even realize the grace because we are buried in doubt.

The economy is bad, people are losing jobs, depression is looming but in a strange way, we have set the stage for beautiful things to happen.

Here is another interesting video about these times. The song is catchy, but the video is pretty touching, its based on Gandhi's quote, "Be the Change you Hope to see in the World"

One more video that to me speaks volumes is this one. Its a multinational music project. Its uplifting and inspiring. Enjoy!

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