Thursday, January 8, 2009

Green Tea and winter journeys

For Vacation last week, Meghan and I road-tripped up to Oregon (California's Canada). We decided this after many people said it wasn't a good idea, because of the weather--but it turned out to be a beautiful trip.

We drove from Santa Cruz to Eugene, which was cool but kinda dead becuase students were out of town. We then crossed the mountains from Eugene to Bend with Greg Brown singing, "Sometimes you gotta leave the I-5 and go not look for nothin'." We spent a few days in Bend, skiing, partying and soaking in the hot tub. It was a fun town. Then we crossed back over to Portland and got snowed on. Then we met up with our good friends in Portland and had a lovely 3 days with them, going to bookstores, drinking coffee, sightseeing, and of course drinking beer. Then we headed down through little Ashland and back to the Bay.

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Oregon was a festival of greenery. People were amazingly friendly, everything was moist with life--including Portland. We really enjoyed the city, the friends, the drinks and each other's company.

Winter is a beautiful time to see everything in a little bit different light.

I added a slideshow of the trip to the site, and here is a link to the web-album:

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  1. LOVE the pics!! we miss you time soon??