Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Pressing issue

I felt the need to share a podcast that I just listened to to bring up an important discussion around the presidential election coming up next tuesday. So here's the link to the podcast.
This American Life Ground Game

You can also download it via itunes. I realize its hard to sit through an hour radio show, but I highly recommend it. It goes in depth with some volunteers on both sides of the campaign specifically in the supposed battleground state of Pennsylvania.

I have to say, as I was listening to it this morning I became slightly frusterated. One of the main issues with a lot of folks who normally vote democrat, but arent sure this time is race. Its not even a little voice in the back of their mind either. There are a significant number of voters who actually will not vote for Obama because he is black. (along with the other absurd accuasations of terrorism and a muslim background)

It really bothered me to hear how ok it was for people to say that they are openly racist, or at least prejudiced. I come from a surface-level liberal state where most people would never admit to being racist--I say surface level because I see racism every day, it is ingrained in all of us, even Californians--what really bothers me is the sheer momentum that racism is mounting against our canidate.

If anything it reenforces my belief that the election of Obama will take forward in great strides as a country. But it really makes me think--damn--we need to really evaluate the paradigm that we live in. We need to attack racism head on, not just turn our heads and pretend we didnt hear that comment made in the office or the classroom. There needs to be a powerful assault from all people to change the way so many people think in this country.

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