Thursday, October 2, 2008

Politics and Rhetoric

Just listening to the vice presidential debate and I'm of course interested, but I'm also a little bit frustrated. When I hear these debates, especially this one, I find, as an audience member awash in rhetoric.

It seems that these debated aren't so much about the issues as they are about how best to spin their issues. It may seem strange coming from me that I am disillusioned by politics after all of my pro Obama statements. I haven't changed my opinion, but this vice-presidential debate has shown me that debate--even on a presidential level-- is a game of wordsmiths, not policy.

After hearing Biden and Palin arguing over a vote that McCain made about protection of troops I realize that the game has begun.

I do have to say though. I think Biden kind of kicked butt against the middle-class hockey mom BS coming from Palin.

Did I just contradict myself?

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