Sunday, August 17, 2008

My distant summer past

The flowers sitting beside me on the desk seem like the perfect metaphor for my summer past.

They were once bright, eclectic and beautiful, and now they are desperately trying to stay colorful and beautiful while their life is withering away.

Okay that may be overly dramatic.

School started last Wednesday, and it seems like its bee three weeks, not days that I have been teaching. The interesting thing, is the planning and the commute are the two things that have been exhausting me most, not the kids. For the most part, they are respectful and interested. And--get this-- they listen.

It is most definitely the honeymoon period, but this school is definitely run with an iron fist. Kids don't get away with much. I walked into class Wednesday, slightly afraid of what to expect, and all except for the freshman, I am happily surprised. It is definitely a change, teaching a 6 period day after teaching block schedule last year, and after my summer mellow time.

I believe this will be a good match, but its going to take awhile to adjust to the change.

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