Monday, August 11, 2008

Just when I thought I was Safe

I realize that most people reading this should have no sympathy for me, but my summer vacation is--unfortunately--coming to an end.

Tomorrow I begin my new teaching career. I will be starting the new job and trying to adopt the new curriculum. I will have new students who may or may not trust me as a teacher, I will be a new member of a cohesive staff and will see if I can also gain their trust.

I will be teaching Advanced English, CAHSEE english, and Yearbook. I am a little bit afraid of the CAHSEE class. I will basically be preparing students to pass the CA state High School exit exam. As you may or not know, I am personally opposed to teaching to a test. That is exactly what many of the mandates coming from Georgie and NCLB are getting teachers to do. I understand as well that many of these students must pass this test for a high school diploma. So it does have a very concrete outcome.

I hope that things remained balanced, as they seem very out of balance right now with my transition from relaxation to stress. Ugh :I

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  1. Daren, that is awesome that you are teaching yearbook! What printing company does your school use?