Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day in a Coffee shop, Laboring

Just wanted to share some interesting experiences from the last week:

Ladyfight in my classroom: There were desks flying, people cheering, and nails scraping. I tried my best to break it up, but there are some things that just cant be stopped. Some of my other students told me they would have helped to break it up because those girls are tough--that was nice of them.

Indigo Girls and Matt Nathanson singing "kid fears" and "Closer to fine":
Wow, yesterday Meghan and I spent the day at the Oakland Art and Soul festival. I have to say that hearing these two songs were close to perfection. The ladies harmonies are amazing and smooth as butter, but throw in a male voice and wow. We had a great time celebrating her birthday.

I'm actually enjoying my new school quite a bit. Of course its a challene, but what school wouldnt be? The kids are more respectful that my students last year, but they are all working on being students--of course Im working on being a teacher. :)

Listening to the Temptation of Adam--Josh Ritter

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  1. Daren, Liked your blog... I dont know the name of any songs, but do know that I liked the Art and Soul Festival!

    Am trying to listen to your song by Josh Ritter, but cant get it to work........where is the link?

    Love Mom