Friday, January 4, 2008

never too late for cheese

After some new years chats i really wanted to put together some best of 07 lists for entertainment and hear what others came up with. I realize the cliches and lameness of best of lists but I'm just going to move past that.

The criteria for me was not that these were released in 2007 but that I expierienced them in 07:

Best Albums:
Radiohead In Rainbows-- beautifully mastered album all fits together and has the potential to really affect the listener
Iron and Wine- Our endless numbered days. I realize its a few years old but all I have to say is Naked as we Came
Wilco-- sky blue sky grows on you
Eddie Vedder-- Into the Wild soundtrack. Awesome new campfire songs and a great movie.
M Ward Post-war gets me into that creative feeling state.
Tom Brosseau-- What I meant to say is goodbye. soft. melodic. understated. and he played at my graduation in San Diego
The White Buffalo-- EP. Man I wish this guy had some more music out there

The Mysteries of Philadelphia-- great book fun story.. soon to be a movie
Dharma Punx-- I read it with my class probably 8 times. It was engrossing the whole way through though
Flight-- Sherman Alexie is my hero
Billy Collins-- the Trouble with Poetry. Accessible but insightful poetry
its sad but I cant think of any other books that moved me this year... maybe more will come

Lars and the Real Girl--quiet subtle beautiful
Into the Wild-- of course
Paris Je t'aim-- great shorts but slightly disconnected
Once-- great film about an irish folksinger
Juno-- interesting hot Dialogue
Garden State-- Watched it again for the first time
Across the universe-Beatles musical--good times

I guess my main purpose of posting this was to start a discussion about what your favorites were or about what you thought of these films. I realize most people don't comment on my blog but all you have to do is click on speak your mind here and write a quick comment. Thanks

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