Monday, January 7, 2008

I can't believe I spelled "too" wrong

I made a slight grammatical error on the last entry, but maybe no one noticed it. I have been reflecting on my last list and I realized that I had to add another album. Its Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley's album.

I spent Saturday evening sipping it in and found it to be an amazing album. It may have just been the time and place, but I loved it. Its has a twang with a bit of a sonic sound and some profound and moving lyrics. What more could you ask for really?
Here is a sample of it:

On Sunday morning I arose to sunny skies and decided to go for a run on West Cliff Drive. It was an incredible morning. The storm still seemed present yet the sun was breaking through the spaces in the clouds-- and the ocean was ferocious!

The waves were hyperboles in themselves and there was a spot on the path were the waves actually washed over the path and two lanes of the road, it was spectacular but I couldn't help but thinking what the homeowners thought when they see these waves suck away the land on the edge of their yard. Everything is temporary I guess.

Listening to Iron and Wine: Boy With A Coin

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