Monday, August 27, 2007

The unadulterated power of words

There really aren't any words that I need to say about this, except that it completely blew my mind and moved me more than any piece of literature has in a long time.

This man has an incredibly eloquent way with words and with getting an absolutely important message across. Why do we still live in a country in which people who love each other can't be married?

By the way I found this video on my friend's blog Lip Gloss and Pepper Spray

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  1. God I love that video. LG&PS must be a great blog (shameless plug).

    But really, Ilya and I miss you two and you guys gotta hold down the SC for us. Oh and let me know how the new neighbor(s) is(are). Boston is rad, btw. I'm a city girl now. Ilya's currently in a hotel in Nebraska, so I guess he's a country boy. When Ilya gets here and I get my USB cord, I'll send some pics. I hope all is well.