Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Power to the People

I just read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that actually criticized the press for a controlling aspect of all the news, and it got me thinking about blogs.

I have sulked multiple times about how blogs are self-indulgent diaries posted in a public place, but I've decided to change my opinion on that. Blogs give common people a chance to have their voice and their perspective heard. Rupert Murdoch has no control over this one.

Blogs give people the power to report about events or things happening in their lives, their communities, or the world, and theres nothing more socialist or gratifying than that. I only have links to friends' blogs, but I plan on searching out some more socially relevant blogs and posting them on here.

Some internet places I constantly visit are The Independent Media Center which is a people powered media source that allows anyone with a keyboard and a voice to post stories, Wikipedia which with its faults is one of the most accurate and modern uses of the socialized internet format and the newly discovered Santa Cruz Wiki which is an editable source about the history and community of my town.

The internet is a powerful source of information and can be a self-indulgent fictional source of edited media or it could also be a great social network to bring people together to create change.
Lets focus on the later.

Listening to Manu Chau

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  1. Hey Daren

    Been wanting to write back for a while. Thanks so much for your notes during your's and Meghan's trip. I found them interesting, thoughtful and fun! Loved this stuff on blogs too....so true! See ya soon...oh yeah, love Manu Chao "Esperanza" is one of my favorite cds, haven't heard "Radio Bemba" yet.