Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snippets of a restful, rejuvenating holiday

Since I haven't had the opportunity to write in the last month or so I thought I would write a twitter style set of memories and moments that have passed through out the holidays:


  • Christmas brings up such elevated emotions for everyone.  The day school got out I helped navigate a weep-fest of 5th graders who decided that they wanted to talk about people in their lives who had died.
  • A little Somalian boy in one of my classes spent about 5 minutes touching my beard and telling me about his dad who he hadn't seen in years.

I was hired as a ski instructor at mt hood meadows.

California winter days brought some quiet winter sunshine.  It was something that I didn't even realize that I missed until I felt it come through the window.


Christmas was less chaotic than usual, but it still had its scheduling difficulties, it is damn hard to organize 4 different families with ample time. 

After Christmas, we went to Point Reyes and watched the incredibly large waves and elephant seals.  I forget how beautiful that state park is.  It would be such a shame to have to close it.


IMG_7505 Sara and I drove north to Portland together and got to enjoy each others company.

Its really strange to not have a teaching job and listen to my sisters stories as she begins her career. 

I dealt with a little bit of homesickness because I didn't see all of my friends and my family time seemed cut short.

I actually missed Portland!

It snowed a good 3 or 4 inches in the city and it was beautifully quiet, aside from the screeched of cars that couldn't make it up the hill. 

The new years brought funIMG_7582 and mayhem.  We ate a 5 course Moroccan meal at Marrakesh and then went to the Kennedy school for some debauchery. 

On New Years day we all wrote down things that we wanted to leave behind in 2009 and it brought up some pretty intense feelings.

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a best of the year and decade list for my favorite music, movies and books but its taking longer than I thought.  I plan on revealing it soon.


I hope the new year brings all of us joy, balance, peace, and a whole lot of love!