Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the space between

I havent been posting lately because either:

a: I havent been inspired
b: I havent taken the time (I've had the time)

A few notable things that I have done and thoughts I've had over the past few weeks:

  • I spent about 11 days in Colorado with Tim. It was beautiful, but hot and dry. I did a few hikes, and spent some good time with Tim, Jill, and Dan, Tims brother.
  • I went on 3 solid 50-60 mile bike rides through the santa cruz mountains. On each ride I did a minimum of 3000 ft elevation gain. I'm thinking about doing the Santa Cruz century ride, but it is 12,000 feet of climbing and thats a lot.
  • thought about training for a mini-triatholon, but need to be working a lot harder.
  • Spent some time on the Delta with my mom. We stayed on a sailboat. It felt like we could have been in the jungles of Panama. I kept looking for spears flying from the jungle, and alligators coming out of the water, but to no avail. It was perfect summer time-- reading, sunning, swimming, eating, perfect.
  • Went to a Tom Brousseau show at the Crepe place in Santa Cruz, and even though not many folks were there, him and his female friend completely electrified the small room.
  • I aquired and am trying to learn the 5 string banjo. Its not easy, but its not terribly hard.
  • I have applied to lots and lots of jobs and only heard from a few, the economic climate for teachers isnt looking too good.
  • I decided to try twitter, and have a feed called chasing trains, which I will probably be changing, if you have a good idea with a line from a song or something interesting let me know.
  • I want to start a music review/media response blog. I am wondering if I should just change this one around or start a new one. Any thoughts? I was trying to create a blog at the chasing trains url but its taken.
  • Have a heavily producing garden, and it is beautiful. I will post some pictures. We have heirloom brandywine tomatoes and a ton of squash producing now. I really love to garden.

Well I'm sure there is more, but you know, thats all that comes to mind, and I have to catch up with my thoughts before I can get really deep in future posts. I will post some random photographs soon. In the meantime follow my twitter:

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