Saturday, December 13, 2008 a setting winter sun

In an effort to slide down the last post, to push it out of my life; its time for a little reflection:

I love this time of year. When the air gets cold and the it hurts a little to get out of bed. Its been a little strange this year, with winter just on the edge--not quite ready to commit. But with this weekend, and this last week I've really felt winter in the air.

As much as Meghan will deny it, I kinda like Christmas time. I don't like the commercial side of it, but I like the warm feeling it brings, and the anticipation. And walking through union square in SF even makes me like the commercial side of it (just a little bit)

Winter moves slowly, like a poem, gently leaving its imprint on you. Its not an easy season, but it is absolutely necessary.

One of the main reasons I moved from San Diego back to northern California was a desire for change in season. I know Santa Cruz is no snowy mountain retreat, but the chill is beautiful and it make me feel more alive. Change is important to us all.

Even the ocean feels different in the winter, it has a cool glow. Meghan and I walked along it this morning and tasted the cool fog and salty air on our breath, and it tasted different. The winter waves can be monstrous, but the ocean itself is just changing colors, like the leaves. The redwoods feel different too, they bring in the darkness and the cold quicker. On my afternoon bike ride, my fingers started to freeze, and even though I was a little upset to end early; I could hear the winter trees belly-laughing at me.

In winter, it is ok to stay inside and read; and melancholy music really feels perfect; beer tastes a little bit better and warm cup of tea can solve all of your problems. I think I am a winter person, and I think the change it brings is good for us all.

Listening to Damien Jurado Ohio

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