Thursday, November 20, 2008

Throwing a bottle (That's what they call hitchhiking in Cuba)

Its been awhile since I rode my bike to work, but that's because my local bike shop took forever to get my wheels rebuilt. But I finally got it back and was able to ride today. I knew that either I would forget something or something would go wrong, I just wasn't sure what.

So there I was, riding my normal route amongst the cows, strawberries and gigantic trucks sufficiently in the middle of nowhere, and I got a flat tire. This is normally not a problem, but today I didnt have any sort of tire changing equipment, so I tried to use the back of my pump, and lo and behold, I broke it. So not only could I not change my tire, I couldn't pump up the original.

I was about 20 minutes from school over a big hill, so I called my colleague who drives the same way. I left a message and called him again and again; he already thinks I'm weird, so this morning bombardment of calls probably didnt help.

He didn't answer. I thought, "shit" what do I do? i guess my principal could come get me, but that's probably not the best solution. I ended up calling him too, but noone answered, so I decided to hitchhike. I did it in central America and Alaska, why not Prunedale. I put out my thumb for awhile and noone even slowed down except to give me a funny look. So I waited, and waited. And then, flying around the corner comes my fellow teacher, Carlos, or C-lo as I like to call him (not really).

He skids up to me looks at me as if I've lost my mind. He throws his hands up in the air and I throw my bike in his truck and get in. He tells me, what are you doing. I said, hitchhiking, what does it look like.

So as we sorted things out, it turns out that his phone was turned off and he had no idea that I called, he just thought I was some wahoo trying to get a free ride, but he recognized my bike and stopped.

So I made it to work, fixed my bike and had a nice ride home. That was quite a morning though.

listening to Britney spears "womanizer" (not really)

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