Monday, June 2, 2008

not feeling extremely reflective

Summer is on the horizon. I can see it, yet at times it just feels so far away.
It's June and I am so looking forward to being done with the school year. Kids are a little crazy, but the reality is--the stress of preparing, grading and planning is just getting to me. I need a break.

This is the last week of instruction and next week we have graduation and conferences and cleaning my classroom and compiling data for my school (WHAT??!!). yeah, its all coming.

Its funny because I look so foreword to summer, but I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with myself. I know I need to relax, but it will be weird not to have any work. I feel like I've been putting everything off until summer begins (not really the best excuse).

Well I guess the title of this post is suiting, I'm just not sure what else to talk about. Although, I would enjoy if anyone who reads my blog could please click on the little comment button. And say something. It gets hard to get motivated to write when I'm not sure if anyone is reading. Thanks

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  1. Hi Daren, I can totally sympathize with you. the last two weeks of school are very demanding and lots of pressure to complete reports and paperwork. You in particular have to say goodbye and make your transition to your exciting new job......But the transition part is hard..........
    I know you have invested your heart and soul into your students.....the positive thing is you have made a difference in their lives...........that is what teaching is all about........Love Mom

  2. I completely understand. Teaching is exhausting and teachers need the break almost more than students but, to get to that last day is exhausting. It is like running full speed ahead and then you hitting the last day. The kids are gone and you are too exhausted to move from one pile to the next. It doesn't get any easier after 30+ years. You made a good decision for yourself to change and moving on with a change is scary. It won't be the same but that does not mean better or worse, just new learning experiences. We hope to see you during your relaxing time. It will all come together for people who care.
    You know you have my best wishes.

  3. So, is this how our students feel when we don't write for an authentic audience? Voice is only powerful if it is heard. Echos don't bring change.

    Did you get my text? Did you get my text? Are you feeling guilty?

    Moving to Portland at the end of this month. Yes, THIS month! It's been way too crazy but we are on a roll and really feel that we are movin' on up in many ways.

    Your number one fan,


  4. Haha, Its true. thanks for your comments

  5. Daren -

    I would love to look forward to having the summer off! I see it as as a much needed break (reward) from the time and effort put into the challange of educating our country's future. I certainly would not have the energy or fortitude it must take to teach, but I'm glad to know someone who cares as much as you do! So hang in there and as they say out here "get'er done"! And then...enjoy my man!