Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Humbled through headphones

I was riding my bike home today, and I was very nearly pushed off the road by a truck who was turning left without a signal. I, of course, could rant about those drivers who don't feel the need to use turn signals, but I wont go off on some diatribe.

In my usual non-confrontational defensive fashion, I gave the driver the evil eye. I think he must have been quaking in his boots, so he opened his window and yelled at me. I couldn't hear what he was saying because I had my headphones in, but I was sure it was something obnoxious. So I took out a headphone and started telling him that he needed to use turn signals or bikers cant see him. I was slightly furious. And when I finished he looked at me strangely and repeated himself, "I said, I'm sorry" he yelled through the window. My anger turned into humility, "thanks man." I had nothing more to say.

I guess its not fair to think that all SUV drivers are jerks. I kinda felt like a jerk for yelling at him.

So I learned a lesson, but I still hope people learn to better use their turn signals. There have been far too many bike deaths in Santa Cruz this year.

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