Tuesday, June 26, 2007

El Volcan pinchi something

Well I haven´t written in awhile so I thought I would also write a positive entry.

Meghan and I are living with a rich Ecuadorian family and going to Spanish class every morning here in Quito. It´s a lot of fun and a lot of my Spanish is returning. We have dinner every night at 8 and breakfast at 730.

They are a very nice family, but very formal. The abuela is very passionate about the state of Ecuador and she says that the economy is terrible, the government is corrupt and her country is falling apart. It was incredible how stoic she became when speaking of these things. The family is very accommodating.

Today we went up the Teleferiqo which is a gondola into the Andes up an active volcano that was about 12,500 ft. It was amazing. We could see everything. The city seemed to grow the higher we got. And we were able to see the Cotopaxi volcano covered in snow in the distance. It reminded me of Denali in Alaska. It was gorgeous.

I don´t have pictures because I don´t have my camera or my cord. Meghan took pictures and I will probably post them when I return.

All is good. We are going to visit El Mitad del Mundo (the ecuator) with our professoras tomorrow. It should be interesting.


  1. Wow, I miss traveling so much. You sound like you are having such a blast... Don't worry about that stuff. Just be happy that someone is able to enjoy your Brett Dennan and Greg Brown. I love you both and miss you!

  2. it's adventure my friend,..i like what sara said about someone else enjoying all of the music that you have,..the glass is half full.
    i wish you the best of luck while your out there on the road,..take time to look up at the sky and remember where you are.
    say hi to meghan for me,..
    see you soon brother.

  3. Thanks guys. I know todos bien.