Friday, June 29, 2007

El Fin de las Classes y cuy

Well, today I finished my Spanish classes in grand form.

For two hours this morning my professora and I did some final Spanish studies. They were important things like how to make fun of someone or how to curse.

After that, we went on a field trip. It was great. I had said I wanted to try typical Ecuadorian food, so she wanted to show me the real thing.

We went to the south of the city, and as I said earlier Quito is so big! it took us about an hour and we talked in Spanish about Politics, books, la vida en general. We went to a street that was full of incredible different types of food:

entire pigs fried where they were serving everything that was inside.

Pig and cow intestines served with their blood (for fertility of course)

Rabbits roasting over the fire

Women with piles of herbs for traditional medicine, and the most interesting thing is that many of the buildings were made out of adobe.

We went from this street to la professoras restarante favorito. Where we had.... wait for it
It was cooked on the roticirie and served with patapoes and a sauce made out of the cuy lungs. But I have to say, It was pretty good. Think--fried chicken. We also drank chicha, which is basically fermented fruit, but the way they make it in the amazon with women´s saliva. This Chicha was made with a machine, but I think I have to try the real thing.

I´m glad Meghan didn´t come because of all the meat (she was studying hard) but it was a great expierience.

Everyone we´ve been talking with and studying with has been really great. The lady who runs the school took Meghan and I out last night to drink a cerveza and see the old town at night. We listened to traditional music and watched the light bounce off the buildings and the sky.

I have to say Quito is a crazy city. On first look it is dangerous, dirty, and unorganized. But after some time here I have realized there is a certain beauty about it. Yes there are some beautiful old colonial buildings, but the beauty is in the gente--the people.
Nothing ever stops here. The cars don´t stop at the lights, the people don´t stap walking when cars almost run over their toes, the discotecas blast music into the night. There´s something so beautiful about all of this movement. The city is alive.

tomorrow we leave for Otovalo, where the Quechua sell their wares, and the mountains are awake with volcanic activity.

Va a ser muy Bien!!

Hope the pictures don´t make you sick!
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I miss you all.

Meghan says hello too.


  1. Oh, all this reading about your experiences in Ecuador is making me nostalgic! I'm so glad to hear you are having a fabulous time, in spite of getting your stuff stolen (yes, a great lesson in practicing non-attachment!). And careful with the chicha--I remember hearing stories about some nasty after effects. :) Best wishes for the rest of your travels!