Saturday, May 22, 2010

Crossing Wires

Hello dear followers. 

Daren here, just letting all of you know that I am currently experimenting with some different blogging platforms (different blog websites).  I tried Twitter for a little while at the moniker of redmorningdirt.  There is something poetic about only allowing a certain number of words in each post, but there is also something constricting about it.  So I haven't used it much.

So recently I opened an account with Tumblr to see if I can be more active with my posts.  Tumblr is a place to blog but it allows for short posts, and I can easily include pictures, music, and links to articles and other sites.  I think that I will be more active if I use it.  So I will continue to update posts here, but I will more frequently post on Tumblr on my site  its called Swallowing China.  The links also show up on facebook. 

Tell me what you think.  I haven't figured out how to link emails to tumblr yet, but I believe that will come soon.   

If this all sounds like internet jargon to you, it may be.  :)

Enjoy your Saturday.


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  1. Not much of a junkie but you can check out some posts on the net on "how to"