Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainy Day Commute

This is what I've been waiting for....sort of. BTW thats not me in the picture...dont have any rain pictures yet.

For the second time this week I commuted to work (Sub Job) on my bike. As always, i absolutely loved it. Although today was a little different, it was raining. So I rode anyway, and passed lots of others who were doing the same thing.

I love using my bike as transportation. You've probably read prior entries that boast about its health benefits; both physical and mental, but its also an incredibly visceral experience. When riding, the wind (and rain) is in your face, you have to think about the cars and the lights around you, and your getting a workout. Now I have no problem with driving in a warm car once in awhile with good tunes playing on the radio, but riding does something for me that nothing else can.

There are a few problems though: I dont have all of the rain gear I need, my shorts and shoes are drying in the staff bathroom, My bike was made for racing, not commuting in the rain, so its forks are gettting clogged with leaves and dirt, and I dont have rain gutters to keep the rain from shooting in my face, which really just adds to the visceral expierience. I am realizing that all of these things are quite essential if I choose to continue this form of recreation.

To keep everyone posted on the job situation, I have accepted a part time aide job at a elementary/middle school and I will continue to substitute teach until something else comes up. Meghan just had three interviews this week for some great jobs and we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Listening to the Portland rain on the windowsill: that will probably be a pretty common sound through the winter.

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