Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Colors of Fall… in PORTLAND


Let me give you some context for this piece:

Daren says “I want you to be a special guest on my blog.”

“Your special guest? What do you mean?” said Meghan

“I have changed the theme of the blog to our transition into Portland and I want you to write about your experience with the transition.” said Daren slyly knowing Meghan’s fear of people reading her writing.

“Well that is a pretty broad topic. And I don’t want it to be like writing in my diary! Could you give me a more specific topic to start with?” Meghan said teasing him.


Daren was surprised and said each word jokingly frustrated and channeling his teacher tone of voice “The Colors of Fall… in PORTLAND.”

“Oh…….hmmmmm……… okay. I could do that.” She said satisfied.

So ladies and gentleman, my first piece for A Lesson Learned:


The leaves are turning and falling to the ground, making the streets of Portland glittered with gold, vibrant red, and breathtaking oranges. I told a friend of mine that I feel like I am living in a nature calendar (specifically the one my Uncle gives everyone for Christmas). When growing up I was always in awe of the months October and November, and I even remember a trip my mom and I took where we were “Chasing Fall”. It’s hard to find Fall in California, besides just the wrinkled brittle leaves that fall into pieces and clog the gutters of the streets. Here in Portland Fall smacks you in the face, and distracts you from everything else happening the grey skies, fits of rain, an evil notes from your neighbor that you have taken their “assigned” parking space and are going to tow you. Let’s just say for know I see Portland as a delicious plethora of colors that satisfy my inspiration palate. I want to create anything with the fall colors! I can’t get them out of my mind!


Of course it is hard being away from home. I miss my family and friends and my Teen Center. I have been on a little bit of a rollercoaster of emotion: one minute I am filled with excitement over what is coming up and then I am screaming as I plunge down into the reality that we have moved here and don’t have jobs, and only a few friends. And then I am coasting, with out a care in the world, feeling safe and calm that we have made the right choice. I don’t mind the rollercoaster but it can be exhausting. I am always going to miss home, no matter where I am, but I still have to go and see and do, before it is too late and I can’t. My main reason for moving was yes the job situation, the cheaper cost of living, the awesomeness of Portland, but also I never want a moment later in life where I am haunted with the words “What If?”


So, here I am trying out the Northwest. There is so much to do here it is a little overwhelming. There are: so many places to see music, good music, and SO MANY GOOD RESTURANTS (some of you may not know I am little bit of a foodie), and the coolest movie theaters, with $3 movies where you can bring in beer and pizza to the theater and the most outstanding bookstore I have ever seen! The crafting community is amazing here and I’m excited to take my place in it. I see possibility here, even if things look a little dire on the job front. Which, I can’t even say that. Daren has had a sub job everyday this week and have a big ol’ list of jobs to apply to. At this point in my transition to Portland I feel: hopeful, excited and strangely…… comfortable. Even without a couch! Ha ha! Hopefully we will find one this weekend.


Listening to: The symphony of rain on my front windows, and a little Be Good Tanyas in the background.




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  1. love you love you love you and miss you miss you miss you!! can't wait to see you guys!!!

    thinking positive thoughts for you both....and sending hugs and loves!