Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Public Option (double political entry day)

Moveon.org sent me this video and it tugged a few heart strings with  me. 

Its called “We cant afford to wait”  and its a collaboration between REM and Moveon.  I of course am highly influenced by music, so this really brought the current issue to the forefront for me.  But I am also a newly uninsured American with my unemployment lurking over me. 

As much as people believe that health care will be ruined if it is made public, and that it will cost everyone else more money in taxes, I believe that it will have its challenges, but the reality will be less b.s., and more accessible care.  The current system is out of control, and I hope it changes, for the people in this video, and for my family an friends who cant afford health care…me included.

Lets work together to support this change.

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  1. D, great video and post, the US needs to catch up in services, no doubt.