Friday, August 7, 2009

Twitter Feeds from My Bike Trip

Just in case you missed my posts here are my Twitter feeds from my bike trip from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara:

The web address once again is

  • Back home from a beautiful trip, feeling rejuvenated, but have a lot to clean. Oh yeah and I gotta get a job.6:52 PM Aug 3rd from web
  • In Santa Barbara- good friends, good times, good music- life is good.12:27 PM Aug 1st from txt
  • Serious day today about 90 miles just outside of santa barbara eating like a king tuna bean vegetable burritos campground gourmet!7:58 PM Jul 30th from txt
  • "CA will always remind me of smells: strawberries, eukalyptus, gas, and pine." canadian cyclist Suzanne11:03 AM Jul 30th from txt
  • People looking at me funny as I eat pb and bannana sandwich in slo11:01 AM Jul 30th from txt
  • A gentle Japanese man recounts stories of world travel and tacos round the fire.10:35 PM Jul 29th from txt
  • The quiet of big sur gave way to sunshine and pieces of chaos warm fire friend and beer end d3 perfectly10:32 PM Jul 29th from txt
  • D3 sitting on the side of the road on Cambria searching for cell service.2:02 PM Jul 29th from txt
  • D2 big sur jagged cliffs solitary coastline riding like the wind. Moments of perfect silence on hwy12:01 PM Jul 29th from txt
  • Drinking Coffee in Carmel, bitter delicious coffee. Is there anything better?8:55 AM Jul 28th from Twitterrific
  • sc to Monterey: dy 1 cold fog and annoying wind make pedaling hard through the strawberry fields. But Good people at the site mend days w ...9:27 PM Jul 27th from txt
  • Going on a bike tour to Santa Barbara or beyond. Hope it goes well.1:09 PM Jul 27th from txt




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