Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Short Rant

This is purely for me to vent a little bit:
I went in to the doctor about a month ago for a physical. It was mainly because of two things: I knew that my insurance was soon to expire (changing jobs and all that) and because prior to that I hadn't been to the doctor in about 3-4 years.

Everything went fine and I am ok but my insurance sent me a bill telling me otherwise.

I was billed $330 for my physical and I found out that my insurance, Anthem Blue Cross would not cover the physical, this was considered, "preventative care." I called them and they verified that they would not cover preventative care, yet that if I went in with a cold or flu, they would have covered it.

It made me very upset that I would have to pay for this "preventative" care. I made an office visit and they gave me a slight discount, but it was nothing substantial.

Obviously this is a dent in my wallet during the summer, but I will survive. It just brings about bigger questions and problems.

Health insurance is a faulty system that allows a vicious cycle to continue. If they are promoting good health, shouldn't they be more focused on preventative care? If people are more healthy and check their health more often, they wont have to go in when they are really sick or injured because that wont happen as often. Preventative care should be insurance for healthiness. Obviously these big health care companies care less about health of their members and more about health of their gigantic billfolds.

It time to change the health care system. I am tired of waiting. And I am one of the lucky ones who has a decent health care plan that accompanies my job, what about the millions without health care? There is something deathly wrong with a society that values capital over health!

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  1. Hi Daren, I agree with you preventive health should be basic and frankly it usually is with full time jobs. It is highly irregular to not have covered physicals in any health benefit program. Since I have worked in preventive health my entire career, I agree that everyone should have preventive health care, it is kind of like, "a stitch in time saves nine."

    Your Dad has a point, maybe you can get it recoded. Make up something was wrong with you that day......It would not hurt to call your principal to discuss the issue also. Love Mom