Friday, March 28, 2008

Select Cycle

The Laundromat is a strangely beautiful place on a rainy evening.

The strange non-verbal interactions that take place between customers and the groaning silence of the few working machines create a strange feeling of warmth and safety.

flickering off-white lights drone through this ambiance. Cars speed madly from place to place, without pondering the simple beauty of this place.

I will sit and breathe in the strange elegance of a rainy night in the laundromat.

1 comment:

  1. Hey D!

    Love this description of one of the places I used to find a little comfort and even some peace of mind...for at least a couple of loads. As there was a time when I spent quit a few Saturday mornings at place I still call the "washateria".

    Hey maybe this will inspire Meg so she won't have to hire movers when she takes her luandry to mom's when she visits. HA!